Looking at the world through children’s eyes puts everything into perspective. Even the adult world takes on new meaning. Sometimes you need to take a step back to move forward. Do you remember what it was like to get truly excited about something, or to have a completely care-free start to a new day? Here in our glade, it’s easy to get a clearer view of what truly matters. And to make lasting memories by enjoying every moment to the fullest.

    Lichtung Woldererhof

    On hot summer days,

    there is more than one way to stay cool and entertained. A family trip to the Ridanna mine, for example, is highly recommended. For those who prefer to stay above ground, the walking and cycling paths passing by our holiday apartments more or less follow the course of the Mareta brook, offering the opportunity to stay cool while also exploring the wood with its rich flora and fauna.

    And less-than-perfect weather is nothing but an opportunity for a different experience. For example, Balneum in Vipiteno and Acquarena in Bressanone offer the perfect blend of fun and relaxation with a wide choice of pools and saunas.

    Lichtung Woldererhof

    The woods

    around Lichtung Woldererhof and farther afield provide the backdrop for a variety of family-friendly experiences. The Kneipp facility with playground and minigolf course in the nearby village of Prati di Vizze is the perfect choice for a day out. Another minigolf course can be found in the Stange sports zone just outside Casateia.

    Adventurous families can have fun on the Skytrek high rope course in Vipiteno, or race each other downhill on the mountain carts in the Ladurns ski area – a great summer alternative to tobogganing with the added bonus of contact with nature!

    Lichtung Woldererhof

    The ice rinks in Casateia,

    Stange and other parts of the valley offer beautiful alternatives for skaters, as does the Vipiteno ice hall, which is home to the local ice hockey team – the Wipptal Broncos.

    In Vipiteno, 5th December is the day of the traditional Krampus parade, which attracts scores of locals and tourists. Frightening creatures called "Tuifl" (devils) run amok in the town centre, putting the courage of children and adults to the test. Those who have been good, however, need not fret: Santa Claus will also be patrolling the streets, rewarding them with sweet treats.

    Lichtung Woldererhof

    Winter sports

    are also a great classic, with the local ski areas offering something for the whole family, including child-friendly pistes. There are also several toboggan runs in the area, such as the ones on Mt. Montecavallo (at 10 km the longest illuminated and snow-sure toboggan run in Italy), in Racines (5 km) and on the Prantneralm (3.7 km), Allrissalm (3.3 km) and Stadlalm (2 km) pastures.

    Lichtung Woldererhof

    Skiining and cross-country skiing in Racines