Wellness and country life? The perfect match. There is nothing better than a farm holiday that combines the little pleasures of a simple life with memorable outdoor experiences. It is not without reason that Japanese scientists consider forest bathing to be a form of stress relief therapy. Research shows that walking in the forest strengthens the immune system and increases well-being. But Granny Moidl of the Woldererhof has known this for ages – long before scientists got there.

    A walk in the woods is not the only way to refresh the body and soul. The Balneum pools in the nearby town of Vipiteno offer a great alternative on hot summer days, while the outdoor sauna at Woldererhof is the perfect setting for a wintertime health boost. And at times when only peace and stillness will do, curl up with a good read and savour the moment by the crackling open fire – where nothing stands between you and your true self.